Boiling thoughts in a peaceful night,
clumsily driven by a living heart,
were calling for two very old men,
asking for their wandering to end.
One of them is a physician,
the very first expert in wells;
he says “Reality is an addition
of ropes and pulleys and buckets and hands.
Learn the right movement to extract your dreams;
I show all components, explain every gear.
Don’t throw any and don’t call me, please;
when time will come I will make it clear”.
The second one is a magician,
the very last one left on earth;
he says “Reality is a deep fount.
Fill it with dreams of love and birds;
I have the great power to reveal
when founts of dreams will overflow.
Don’t waste any and don’t call me, dear;
when time will come I will let you know”.

While shouting out for the physician
and begging please the great magician,
a drop of fine gold lightened the obscure,
picturing a dazzling creature;
she said “your calls echoed in my ear
and there is nothing I can do, dear
except the things I love and believe in”.
Boiling thoughts turned into quivering,
thinking the magician was talking.
“ If you want to end the wandering,
tell me please, I explain everything”,
whispered softly the creature
to the creation of the thinker.
It sounded like a physician chorus,
But it was the song of the divine Morpheus
who firmly believed in a talent
given to him by the Ancients :
By tickling thoughts with his voice,
by caressing them with his wings,
he could put an end to their wandering.

© Mia Sfeir

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8 réponses à Believing

  1. hadybeydoun dit :

    wandering thoughts in search of a home,
    a reason and a hope,
    for the world is full of treason on a slippery slope…

    listen to the magician for his words are true,
    rivers of gold are awaiting you,
    if only you silence the noise and listen to the voice,
    that small voice whispering inside of you…


  2. Laurent dit :

    We all wonder why we wander,
    Especially in the corrupt big cities of the world,
    Leave them, nature only will bring you some truth.
    Come to Costa Smeralda !

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